Information Security

Information security issues are numerous and significant.  From phishing, to ransomware, to client data protection, it is no small job to keep your company secure.  And there are never enough people to do it all.

Layer37’s information security management solutions help you meet these challenges.  Our systems and services help you build a secure organization, focus your limited resources, coordinate activities, and respond to security issues and concerns.

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Risk Management

Risk management is a nebulous term, meaning different things to different people.  But most people can agree on one thing - risk management tools require too much effort and produce too little value.

We believe there is a better approach.  We believe in learning your business and adapting our model accordingly.  We believe the results should allow management to make informed decisions.  So that is what we created.


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We have a proven track record of helping our clients close regulatory, audit, and risk findings...and make sure they stay closed.  

Our tools allow you to track findings to closure and provide easy dashboard reporting - for management and for auditors.  And we help you maintain compliance by making make sure your policies and controls map to your regulatory requirements...and to your risks.

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Business Continuity

Wouldn't it be great to have a business continuity plan that isn't out of the date the moment it is created?  We can help with that.

Our business continuity and disaster recovery platform not only gives you the information you need, when you need it.   It also gives you the workspace your teams need to collaborate during a disaster, or even just a system issue.  Imagine that.

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